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Who is CoverCorps?

CoverCorps has partnered with a number of specialty Boat Insurers to provide the most comprehensive protection. CoverCorps is a nationally licensed agency, licensed in all 50 states for admitted and excess and surplus lines business. CoverCorps is an insurance agency that uses state-of-the-art technology to instantly connect you with a licensed professional to provide you with the best coverage options unique to your boat.

Why use CoverCorps?

Boat Insurance policies are like no others, and the industry is largely unregulated as far as policy language and rates go, so it can vary greatly between carriers. You can call us in the middle of the night with a claim. We can help you mitigate loss and strengthen your position in the claim process. A CoverCorps agent will ask you many questions when quoting your risk so we understand you and your coverage needs. We can then find a policy that reflects the nuances of your boat, equipment and usage. The net result is a choice in products, price and coverage. Cost is important. Getting the right coverage is important. CoverCorps will help you get the coverage you want, at the best possible price. Need coverage? Call the Corps.


Cover Corps is a network of specialty agents in commercial insurance. Our technology platform sends the critical information immediately to the best possible licensed agent to deliver a coverage solution for your unique circumstance. Insurance is complex and buyers need the consultative connection with a professional. Cover Corps' technology was created to deliver a licensed professional at the time of your choosing. Perhaps your ready to buy a policy or maybe you just have a question. Cover Corps was created for that moment. Delivering to you what you want, when you want it.


Cover Corps was created by a group of insurance professionals and technologists dedicated to improving the insurance buying experience. In pursuit of expense reduction many insurance providers are moving to the direct-to-consumer model bypassing the expertise of licensed professionals. This can be effective under simple circumstances. However, when it comes to protecting your assets you want to know you have considered all the issues and options. A licensed agent can give you the comfort that your assets are protected the way you want them to be.


Cover Corps exists to support the independent agent. We believe the network effect creates an ecosystem that improves the customer experience while expanding the opportunities for the agent. The formula is simple, the consumer gets what they want, when they want it, and the agent gets a live connection to a high intent customer. Because sometimes you need the human touch to protect what you have built.

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