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Eligibility Requirements

In order to purchase a policy, insureds must meet eligibility requirements. While the eligibility requirements may vary slightly for specific products the general requirements are:
  • The boat owner must be older than 18
  • The boat can not be a multi hulled boat
  • Top speed of the boat must be under 65mph
  • The boat can not be a racing sailboat
  • The boat owner must not have been convicted of a felony
  • Liveaboards in the state of Alaska is not permitted
  • The property must be maintained and show pride of ownership.
  • Attachments to the property must be described & listed on the application.

In addition to the eligibility qualifications, certain risk characteristics may require underwriting review to be insured. These some of these factors include:

  • If the hull or engines have been modified from stock
  • If the boat was purchased as salvage or is in poor to fair condition
  • If the boat is moored outside US
  • If the insured has been uninsured for over 30 days
  • If the owner has less than two years ownership experience
  • The boat is homemade or was constructed from a kit
  • If the owner has been previously cancelled or non-renewed by their insurance company
  • If the boat is bank owned or has been repossessed

Eligibility may be granted by underwriters based on situational circumstances. CoverCorps will work with all our carriers to find coverage for those hard to place risks.

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