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At CoverCorps' we have partnered with a number of "A" rated insurers that specialize in Boat Insurance. We provide Boat owners with the security that their watercraft will be covered but we also provide additional coverages to protect your belongings and liability insurance to protect against any mishaps that may occur.

Our Products

Our Insurance carriers provide coverage for a number of different Usage Classifications.
  • Pleasure Boat - our carriers cover boats that are used for pleasure or client entertainment.
  • Liveaboard Boat - liveaboard coverage is available that provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, personal effects, and medical payments while off the insured boat.
  • Multi-owner/Fractional Boats - a yacht with more than three parties that have ownership interest. For fractional ownership, the named insured will often be a corporation which manages the usage and maintenance.
  • Limited Charter - coverage is available for owners that utilize their boat in a limited captained charter capacity.
  • Bareboat - our carriers cover boats that are chartered for a specific duration without skipper or crew. Under a bareboat arrangement, the insurance benefits pass through to the charterer.
  • Charter Fleet - if your fleet of boats is managed by a fleet manager, our carriers have coverage specifically designed for the fleet in your business.
CoverCorps provides excellent protection from our "A" rated partners. We offer customized coverages for runabouts to charter fleets. We also provide additional coverages for trailers, boat lifts, boat houses, trip coverage, emergency expense reimbursement, tournament fee reimbursement, and a liveaboard endorsement. See below to learn more.

Basic Coverages

  • Hull - Coverage is provided on an all risk basis. Hull coverage can be purchased as stand alone coverage, however personal effects, fishing equipment, PWC hull, rental reimbursement, tender, trailer, towing, boathouse, and boat lift require hull coverage to be purchased.
  • Hull Settlement Options - The base policy provides Agreed Value coverage for a total loss and replacement cost for most partial losses, however high wear items are subject to Actual Cash Value (ACV) settlement terms. Alternatively, the Agreed Value/ACV endorsement provides agreed value coverage for a total loss.
  • Protection and Indemnity - If Protection and Indemnity is provided, coverage is provided for damages that a yacht owner becomes liable through the ownership, maintenance or use of the insured yacht or a non-owned yacht.
  • Additional Insured - A designated marina can be added under Protection and Indemnity. Coverage is provided for liability arising from the maintenance or use of the insured boat in conjunction with operations performed as a marina providing service or storage.
  • Boat House - Coverage is available, subject to a deductible. Actual Cash Value coverage applies on a named perils basis for loss caused by fire, lightning, hail, wind, explosion, collision, or vandalism and malicious mischief. Coverage is not available in all 50 states.

Additional Coverages

CoverCorps provides an array of additional coverages for your boat.

  • Boat Lift - Up to $50,000 in coverage is available, subject to a deductible. This will cover loss or damage to the boat lift, but only if used exclusively for the insured boat. Coverage applies on a named perils basis for losses caused by fire, lightning, explosion, upset, or collision on an Actual Cash Value basis.
  • Consequential Damage - This is added to the policy when the hull is fiberglass or metal/aluminum. It adds protection for resulting loss caused by fire, explosion sinking, collision, or stranding. This will also pay for resulting direct physical loss for a dismasting if a professional rig inspection was completed within the last two years and any deficiencies that were identified with the standing rigging or chain plates were remedied as recommended.
  • Emergency Expense Reimbursement - This optional endorsement is available for those planning longer trips. When the endorsement is added, if the insured boat is 250 miles or more from the primary mooring location and there is an increase in lodging or transportation expenses that result from a covered loss.
  • Emergency Towing and Assistance - If hull coverage is purchased, towing coverage is provided with the option to purchase higher limits. The carrier will reimburse the reasonable expenses incurred to tow the boat to the nearest place where necessary repairs can be made and to deliver fuel, oil, parts, or loaned battery or emergency labor.
  • Lay-Up - The is coverage for the period of time that the boat is either decommissioned out of the water (ashore) or decommissioned in its berth (afloat). Due to geographic conditions, lay-up restrictions apply in some areas.
  • Lienholder and Premium Finance - A lien holder can be added to the policy at inception or at a later date by endorsement. If a mortgagee or lien holder requires breach of warranty coverage, that can be added by endorsement also.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation - Provides coverage for the exposure owner incurs under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act.
  • Medical Payments - All policies include medical payments coverage. Higher limits are available. This provides coverage for the payment of necessary medical and funeral service expenses incurred within one year from the date of an accident causing bodily injury to any person while in, upon, boarding, or leaving the insured boat.
  • Personal Effects - If hull coverage is purchased, personal effects coverage is included, subject to a deductible. Optional higher limits are available. This provides coverage for personal items not generally required for the safe operation of the yacht such as sporting equipment, clothing and other personal items. This coverage shall apply only while such property is aboard or while being loaded upon or unloaded from the insured boat.
  • Port Risk - If hazardous conditions surface, the boat should be placed on port risk until the conditions are remedied. Dependent on the significance associated to the hull conditions or deficiencies, two port risk options are available ashore and afloat. If the deficiencies are minor, port risk afloat can be utilized, however if deficiencies are significant, the boat should be placed immediately on port risk ashore.
  • Pollution - Coverage is designed to protect the insured in case of sudden, accidental, and unexpected discharge or spillage of a contaminant from the insured boat, due to an incident that is specific in place and time and within the policy period.
  • Rental Reimbursement - If hull coverage is purchased, coverage is provided for rental reimbursement coverage if the insured boat is damaged by a covered cause of loss, for costs incurred to charter a similar replacement boat. Higher limits are available.
  • Tender - A tender is an auxiliary watercraft that must be able to be stored aboard the insured yacht while underway, with the main purpose of serving the insured yacht in delivering supplies or passengers to and from shore. If hull coverage is purchased and if the tender is unscheduled, coverage is provided on an actual cash value basis up to a limit. If hull coverage is purchased and the tender is scheduled, the coverage is not provided if damaged due to windstorm. If tender is scheduled, coverage is provided on an Agreed Value basis for a total loss, and Replacement Cost for most partial losses.
  • Tournament Fee Reimbursement - This optional coverage is available when the hull type selected is center console or sportfish and hull coverage is purchased. The coverage will reimburse the owner for the non-refundable portion of their pre-paid entry fee if they are not able to participate in a scheduled fishing tournament because of:
    1. Bodily injury to themselves, or a family member
    2. Loss or damage to the insured watercraft; or
    3. Mechanical breakdown of the towing vehicle while in route to the tournament.
  • Trailer - The provides coverage for Actual Cash Value for a trailer designed to carry the insured watercraft, subject to a deductible.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Watercraft - This provides coverage for damages an insured person or family member is entitled to receive as a result of an occurrence caused by an uninsured or underinsured watercraft while aboard the insured boat.

At CoverCorps we understand the complexities of Boating Insurance. We pride ourselves in our technology and the ease of connecting you instantly to a licensed insurance professional who can help. We are waiting for your questions. Please feel free to call and be immediately connected to CoverCorps. When you need coverage Call CoverCorps!

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